only a few hours remain ’til midnight
celebrations already underway ’round
our world as that special hour arrives
many countries and assorted cultures
look with anticipation to this year
that has come upon all ready or not
regardless of what religion we profess
or what superstitions control our lives
a new year is here that we must accept
by simply wishing everyone every where




Well, it’s almost over for this year

table has been cleared of too much food

dishes piled in sinks needing attention

desserts uneaten waiting on counters

while groans, sighs and soft snores

emanate from couches many slouch-ants

Did anyone bother to give thanks

Gifts from acquaintances who come once a year

brief visits from friends, next door neighbors

why no calls from children or grandchildren

is this how getting old is supposed to feel

It takes one back to another day, another time

can you imagine how our Savior feels today

when all his birth means to so many

is party and gift, party and gift, party and gift

Jesus is the only one who should ever ask

What did you get for me?’ but then, He knows

We sing a beautiful song that has these words

I owed a debt I could not pay,

He paid a debt He did not owe, He paid it all.”