Sitting watching cars speed past
moving rapidly towards destinations
different as their fleeting colors

With snarling exhaust derisively blatant
a vivid red streak weaves among pastels
whose blue, green and yellow journey
seems hampered by this mad beasts’
reckless plunging that causes them
to scatter like leaves in a winter gale

I ache to touch that fragmented rainbow
to become one with those flirtatious hues
they seem a kaleidoscope of life’s colors
that tantalize me as a flame does a moth
stretching out toward something beyond reach
hampered in hope by changing shades of gray

Wind from their passage buffets my spirit
and I wonder what lies behind darkened windows
of a sedate, slow moving black limousine


I learned much as did Darwin

about how things always change

but you see, I learned much more

forgot all about weather did he

while puny little I, all alone

was allowed to watch as war

was waged between seasons

I can understand why winter lingers

how summer lasts so long

a glimpse of mortality I was given

yes, it scared me for quite a while

I have now learned to accept fate

at least that that applies to me

if any ever does, farewell

—–Jerry Marks