what remains of my gray hair

turns a little whiter each day

aches foretell a weather change

legs once strong now grow weak

a slight tremble swirls my cup

causing hot coffee to spill

on this protruding stomach

bringing a quick flash of pain

slightly noticed not long ago

empty hours waiting to nap

sleep has become a refuge

sought more often than needed

while I try to go there these days

and yet, oh YES! I still dream


I learned much as did Darwin

about how things always change

but you see, I learned much more

forgot all about weather did he

while puny little I, all alone

was allowed to watch as war

was waged between seasons

I can understand why winter lingers

how summer lasts so long

a glimpse of mortality I was given

yes, it scared me for quite a while

I have now learned to accept fate

at least that that applies to me

if any ever does, farewell

—–Jerry Marks