Old Dog Old Man

Morning sunlight brings warmth
to joints stiffened with age
muscles wearied by shivering
through yet another frigid night
finally relax allowing sleep to come

Sleep brings dreams of younger days
when no trail had seemed too long
exhaustion was an unknown visitor
hunger was only felt by the very old
but time waits for nothing

Old have been replaced
by by young also turned old
no longer can spirit be found
to look down those distant trails
our journey is almost over

So we sit here together
as the sun begins its westward trek
ready at last to embrace that chill
which always comes with darkness

—–Jerry Marks


Looking out across withered emptiness
I realize nothing wanders there but a stream
struggling aimlessly between rolling hills
some of which are girdled by twisted trees
poor stream itself looks lost going nowhere

Not even high tufted clouds show a hint rain
as they look down from their wind-blown trek
across a perfect sky looking down with disdain
as midday or midnight all share a sameness
and say nothing matters with nowhere to go

While I am feeling worthless bitter and cold
a desire to belong but no will left to seek
but what would it suffice would seeking
bring anything more nothing is there
going nowhere I see emptiness what is left?

…..Jerry Marks