the time has come

I have reached the point
where I no longer savor
thoughts of expressing myself
with this indifferent keyboard
my words have lost their flavor

I struggled futilely for months
upgrade became a catastrophe
my blog became as my aging body
nothing works the same as before
my mountain top approaches

upon me are three anniversaries
the suddenness of my stroke
the passing of my lovely daughter
the beginning of this my blog
the end is fast coming into view


another year is coming to an end
long forgotten songs venture forth
from depths of stagnant memories

if time could be kept in a bottle
must needs ask where was my heart
please release me and let me go

some day you’ll call my name
still nothing more than a game
embers beneath a fading flame

another holiday comes upon us
will all my children finally call
how many will visit this year

our generation was lost in space
no time left to start over again
glass ceiling has finally flown away

even though I reach out for more
being born under a wandering star
hurts more than spoken words tell

should one become more beautiful
what happens when we meet again
causing that last teardrop to fall