high overhead a golden pulsating orb
completing it’s twenty-eight day cycle
fades to first quarter, new, last quarter

whatever happened to that old man’s face
we looked for in our long lost innocence
could it really have been made of blue cheese

grown older now my thoughts turn inward
recalling one who has gone on before
I keep madly throwing rocks at the moon


Just nine days before her thirty-second birthday
her short, beautiful life came to an abrupt end
early morning call; come quickly: too late there
fingers so limp in life now begin to stiffen
soft brown eyes become fixed on unseen horizons

Her name was Katerina. Went by Katie less often Kat
she reached out through her blog as “katsscribbles”
undaunted by confinement to life in a wheelchair
a warrior whose feats live on in her poetry and art
always eager to strive for that far away destination

she was my friend and confidant, she was my daughter
her passing leaves a terrible emptiness in my life
I ask myself “why Katie and not me?” and I cry
she was young and vibrant while I am getting old
as the song says “Farther Along” we’ll understand why

I loved you in life and I still love you in death
goodbye my daughter I’ll meet you in Paradise

Old Dog Old Man

Morning sunlight brings warmth
to joints stiffened with age
muscles wearied by shivering
through yet another frigid night
finally relax allowing sleep to come

Sleep brings dreams of younger days
when no trail had seemed too long
exhaustion was an unknown visitor
hunger was only felt by the very old
but time waits for nothing

Old have been replaced
by by young also turned old
no longer can spirit be found
to look down those distant trails
our journey is almost over

So we sit here together
as the sun begins its westward trek
ready at last to embrace that chill
which always comes with darkness

—–Jerry Marks