Talk about a can of worms!
these things inside my head
charging about like winter storms
all my pleasant memories have fled
as if fading strains from a distant violin
nothing other than echoes remain
when these worms start their crawlin’
all that’s left is a head filled with pain

Come out from there you horrid thoughts!
find another vacant space to occupy
before I take this gun I hold in my hand
and wish you all goodbye!!!


Senseless acts of violence
fill our daily news reports
elicit cries of “gun control”
Big O jumps in “gun control”
Madam H shrills “gun control”
liberal left wants “gun control”

I want our Constitution back
it has suffered enough abuse
in the name of “the common good”
every election cycle gets worse
we are promised everything
what we get is less than nothing

Fourth Amendment no longer holds
that “each man’s home is his castle”
our privacy is slipping away
raped by political malfeasance
our rights are turned against us
with each new internet regulation

First Amendment has been bruised
freedom of speech doesn’t exist
beyond what is politically correct
I can’t express my Christian faith
it might offend some one else’s beliefs
That’s Tough! They offend me too!

As time passes each Amendment
will come under attack by the liberal
agenda of political correctness
with each advancing year my cynicism
grows more gray than does my hair
I fear my freedom will finally be gone
on that dreadful day they take my guns