Standing alone feeling side-lined

silently watching all your mistakes

still waiting to be asked for advice

come lean on me, cry on my shoulder

look at me as more than just a friend

asking something more, never less

I want to be much more to you

grasping for that evasive reality

waiting, hoping, dreaming to be seen

as more than a shadow lost in time

watching you flail against my friendship

wondering why I still stand side-lined

you’ll never come seeking my advice

at least take my hand for comfort

let us be seen as friends as we both need

so we can stop being seen here side-lined

Death of A Friend

I heard his final gasp
that long gurgling sigh
followed by a spewing
like a tire leaking down
a few thumps and clicks
followed by a death rattle

I remember those good times
we spent together for years
since our first joyful meeting
all those times he carried me
during bleak winter mornings
one warm cup after another

I feel a strange sense of loss
as I ponder should I replace
this friend who has succumbed
to ravages of time and neglect
always faithful day or night
Alas, my friend is no more