Have you ever stopped to wonder
what this life is all about
why you’re here and where you’re going
when your lease on life runs out
maybe you’ve been far to busy
trying hard to reach your goal
would you let me ask you kindly
have you thought about your soul?

You may reach the highest portals
and your dreams may all come true
wealth and fame may be your portion
and success may shine on you
all your friends may sing your praises
not a care on you may roll
what about the great tomorrow
have you thought about your soul?

Don’t forget your days are numbered
though you may be riding high
But like all of us poor mortals
someday you’ll just up and die
your success and fame and glory
won’t be worth the bell you toll
let me ask you just one question
have you thought about your soul?

If you never thought it over
spend a little time today
there is nothing more important
that will ever come your way
than the joys of sins forgiven
and to know that you have been made whole
in the name of Christ the Savior
have you thought about your soul?

Author Unknown


what remains of my gray hair

turns a little whiter each day

aches foretell a weather change

legs once strong now grow weak

a slight tremble swirls my cup

causing hot coffee to spill

on this protruding stomach

bringing a quick flash of pain

slightly noticed not long ago

empty hours waiting to nap

sleep has become a refuge

sought more often than needed

while I try to go there these days

and yet, oh YES! I still dream