molino is a Spanish word for windmill

they have been known to appear as giants

it would be most ignominious to assault one

stationary tho they be helpless they are not

such folly as befell that noble of la Mancha

waits beneath those wildly flailing arms

remembrance rules my early morning ritual

as I pour yet another cup of Viejo Molino


For those of us who spend
a large part of each day
with a coffee cup in our hand
someone will give us a cup
covered with words of wisdom
some relevant most not so much
below are some of the better ones
I’ve had the questionable pleasure
of reading while crawling around
on a hardwood floor last week

Captain Jack’s Viewpoint: ┬áIf you
are good you will be assigned all
the work. If you are really good
you will get out of it.

The person who can smile when things
go wrong has already thought
of someone to blame it all on.

Eat a live toad first thing in the morning
and nothing worse will happen to you
the rest of the day.