There is no character,

howsoever good and fine,

but it can be destroyed by ridicule,

howsoever poor and witless.

Observe the ass, for instance:

his character is about perfect,

he is the choicest spirit among

all the humbler animals,

yet see what ridicule

has brought him to.

Instead of feeling complimented

when we are called an ass,

we are left in doubt.

horse talk

Below is a sonnet taken from Cervantes’
classic work “Don Quixote of the Mancha”
A dialogue between Babieca,
Horse to the Cid, a Famous Conquerer of Spain;
and Rozinante, Don Quixote’s Courser

Bab: How haps it, Rozinante, thou art so lean?
Roz: Because I travel still and never eat:
Bab: Thy want of barley and straw, what does it mean?
Roz: That of my lord, a bit I cannot get.
Bab: Away, sir jade! You are ill-mannered,
Whose ass’s tongue your lord does thus abase.
Roz: If you did see how he’s enamoured,
You would conclude that he’s the greater ass.
Bab: Is love a folly?—Roz: Sure it is no wit.
Bab: Thou art a metaphysician.—Roz: For want of meat
Bab: Complain upon the squire.—Roz: What profits it?
Or how shall I my woful plaints repeat?
Since, though the world imputes slowness to me,
Yet greater jades my lord and Sancho be.