Through the woodlands through the valleys
Comes a horseman wild and free
Tilting at the windmills passing
Who can this brave young horseman be?
He is wild but he is mellow
He is strong but he is weak
He is cruel but he is gentle
He is wise but he is meek

Reaching for his saddlebags
He takes a battered book into his hand
And standing like a prophet bold
He shouts across the ocean to the shore
’til he can shout no more

“I have come on o’er the mountain
Like a hawk upon the wing
I was once a shining knight
Who was the guardian of a king
I have searched the whole world
Over looking for a place to sleep
I have seen the strong surviving
I have seen the lean grow weak

See the children of the earth
Who wake to find the table bare
See the gentry in the country
Riding out to take the air.”

Reaching for his saddlebags
He takes a rusty sword into his hand
Then striking up a knightly pose
He shouts out across the ocean to the shore
’til he can shout no more

“See the jailer with his key
He locks away all trace of sin
See the judge upon the bench
Who tries the case as best he can
See the wise and wicked ones
Who feed upon life’s sacred fire
See the soldier with his gun
Who must be dead to be admired
See the man who tips the needles
See the man who buys and sells
See the man who puts the collar
On the ones who dare not tell

See the drunkard in the tavern
Spending gold he needs to make ends meet
See the kid in ghetto black
Condemned to life on the street.”

Reaching for his saddlebags
He takes a tarnished cross into his hand
And standing like a preacher now
He shouts across the ocean to the shore
Then in a blaze of tangled hooves
He gallops off across the dusty plain
In vain to search again
For no one will hear

Through the woodland through the valley
Comes a horseman wild and free
Tilting at the windmills passing
Who can this brave young horseman be?

…..a song by Gordon Lightfoot —1970s


a year from now we’ll know

just who our new figurehead

has been selected to be

long before that time happens

we will have been inundated

by countless rehearsed lies

promised everything and nothing

of most importance is winning

anything to garner contributions

political correction leads all polls

if it is demanded it is supported

fully until that first day in office

then all bets will be invalidated

on that day we all finally realize

just who has really been debated


A sunken floor with couches

too far from walls for comfort

all who sit here can be approached

from behind with impunity

no sense of security can be felt

from this lofty perch where we all

look down with unfeigned disgust

upon those fanatics assembled

there acting as if they know nothing

of what lies waiting just outside

not for us those plush cushions

no, we feel we must hang here

on this ceiling out of harm’s way


I don’t like your religious outlook

you have no right to express yourself

in any matter or manner that goes against

anything that “we” nonbelievers believe

Take your moral standards, lock them up,

throw away the key and make room for us

We are taking total control of all things

that pertain to all facets of the societal spectrum

We own the politicians with our vulgar voices

no one can say anything against our views

without being labeled as “bigots or ‘phobics”

even the ACLU joins us alongside the SCOTUS

Winston Churchill said it best far back in WWII

never has so much been owed by so many to so few”

he was talking about the brave Allied Forces

but now things have changed to such a degree

that those immortal words have been brutalized

by a small segment of society that cares nothing

for decency and is willing to destroy everything

this wonderful country was founded to preserve

such words as those that today would read

never has so much been forced on so many by so few”

..Jerry Marks: Proud Veteran

More Me

My profile tells what I am today,
but not what I have been
My profile tells where I am today
yet not where I have been
My profile tells my outlook today
not much of things I have seen

I have reached my latter years
still amazed how I ever survived
some of those things I faced

Political Correctness meant little
to me then, even less now
Never really understood Activism
yet war became a constant reality
Never learned to practice Restraint
but I learned its meaning in a cage

The rest of me will need to be gleaned
here from my feeble efforts of expression

Ever Wondered?

Ever wondered why when someone
threatens to “beat you up” they start
by trying to knock you down???
Ever wondered why it is illegal
to text and drive while the officer
in the car next to you is doing just that???
Ever wondered what “don’t do that”
really means to a ten year old???
Ever wondered what happens when
the dog finally catches his tail???
Ever wondered if it is the same ants
that always come to your picnic???
Ever wondered what happens when you
drop a cat on a sleeping dog???
Ever wondered if Man in the Moon
really is laughing at you???
Ever wondered what that is
that follows you in the dark???
Ever wondered what is gazing through
your window late every night???
Ever wondered whose footsteps you
hear approaching in the darkness???
Ever wondered if it is just imagination
or is there something in that cave???
Ever wondered what those voices
in your head are talking about???
Ever wondered why there are times
when you can almost understand them???
Ever wondered how much longer you
can refrain from answering them???
Ever wondered how those voices
bring chills even on a hot night???
Ever wondered who that is looking
back at you from within the mirror???
Ever wondered just what is tied
to the other end of the rope???
Ever wondered how far you must travel
on the Road to Nowhere to get there???
Ever wondered who put that fork in the road???
Ever wondered would happen if you took it???
Ever wondered if the water is deep
enough after you begin your dive???
Ever wondered why the dirt never
seems to fit back into the hole???
Ever wondered…???

~~~~~Jerry Marks