Beneath the stone before your eyes
The body of a lover lies;
In life he was a shepherd swain,
In death a victim to disdain.
Ungrateful, cruel, coy, and fair,
Was she that drove him to despair,
And Love hath made her his ally
For spreading wide his tyranny.


While our curate made his speech

the disguised woman stood as one half asleep

now beholding the one now the other

without once moving her lip or saying a word

just like a rustical clown

when rare and unseen things to him before

are unexpectedly presented to his view


our jaded squire spent

not his time so vainly

having his stomach well stuffed

and that not with succory water

he carried smoothly away

that whole night in one sleep

if his master had not called him up

neither sunbeams which struck on his visage

nor melody of birds

which were many and did cheerfully

welcome the approach of a new day

could have been able to awake him


molino is a Spanish word for windmill

they have been known to appear as giants

it would be most ignominious to assault one

stationary tho they be helpless they are not

such folly as befell that noble of la Mancha

waits beneath those wildly flailing arms

remembrance rules my early morning ritual

as I pour yet another cup of Viejo Molino

Robbing Cervantes

e’en tho he being gone four hundred years plus two
close perusal of his scripted thoughts still lead
to speculate could this be me if not then who
asked do not we share that same time-ravaged steed
shared curiosity and folly has come to pass
brought to my house as many as ever could get
fruitless dreams were there to chase ‘til alas
I dried my brains in such sort I lost all judgment

my fantasy has filled with those things that I read
wherein I give my account of my misfortunes
yet whiles they speak not their own native tongue
yon author of that great work is likewise my friend
purge certain base things that lurk among our conceits
it will not be amiss to remove this stumbling-block
observe well this caveat which I shall give thee
that herein I shall be most punctually obeyed


government has changed our clocks again

they do this twice every year without fail

my chickens could care less they have no clock

as daylight approaches they slowly awaken

twilight deepens they return to their roost

an almanac is totally useless they don’t read

what need have they of a weather forecast

instincts protect from seasonal vagaries

God gave man dominion over all animals

but still we have learned nothing from them

all share one hundred sixty eight hours each week

yet it is man who thinks he can alter time

can a carpenter cut a piece from a board

add it to the other end making it longer

spring forward fall back days are still days

moving our clocks an hour changes nothing

man in his arrogance always falls short


Isn’t it strange that here in America,
our flag and our culture offend
so many different people,
but not so our benefits?

this causes one to wonder
how someone can proudly wave
the flag of another country,
but consider it punishment
to be sent back there.


your motives for doing

whatever good deed

you may have in mind will be

misinterpreted by somebody

then you will be misunderstood

by all those who always hold

their hopes under their hats

while circumstances being what they are

admitting failure would be of little benefit

yet many prefer that state

Part G

If you are one of our older senior citizens
becoming unable to care for yourself
think maybe it’s time for Long-Term Care
government says there is no Nursing Home
care coverage available for you
so you must decide what to do
one alternative might be Medicare Part G
a new program for those more adventurous
this new plan gives anyone 65 or older
a new gun (Part G) with only one bullet
of course only 80% is paid as usual
the remaining 20% is your responsibility
unless you have an advantage plan HMO
your AARP prescription drug plan may help
if your doctor deems it medically necessary
You can then dispose of any one politician
provided your aim has not faded with time
even though politicians are noisome dregs
this means you will be sent to prison
for the remaining years of your life
there you will receive three meals a day,
have a solid roof over your head,
central heating and air conditioning,
cable TV, a library, complete health care
need new teeth? Not a problem
what about new glasses? That’s great.
hard of hearing, yep, part and parcel
new hip, knees, kidney, lungs, sex change
heart or pacemaker? They are all covered!
Then there is this added bonus;
kids and grandkids can come and visit
you at least as often as they do now!
You ask who will be paying for all of this?
That same government that just told you
they won’t provide for your stay in a nursing home
you will now be a hero to all your fellow inmates
because you removed a worthless politician
better yet, because you are a prisoner,
you don’t have to pay any more income taxes!
so now you can enjoy your Long-Term care
Is this a great country or what?