beauty hath evermore held prerogative and grace

to reconcile man’s mind and attract his will to it

where yet hath been none such opportunity offered me

with all those who were present having ne’er felt desire

much better things would be by not having such opinions

nor longer suffering themselves to be seen or felt

yet thinking to keep yon treasure hidden for themselves

twas nothing more than lies to perpetuate this myth

4 thoughts on “perpetuate

  1. Beauty hath evermore desired oblivion
    That they who are beautiful
    Cannot seem to comprehend that they are
    And this is beauty to Beauty

    Much better things would be
    If more were like such
    Letting the outer describe beauty within
    Beauty is man’s mind and is reconciled

    Attraction perpetual for Beauty’s dear sake
    And this beauty, that Beauty beholds
    Hath evermore held prerogative and grace
    None before present, ne’er commanding such desire


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