inflamed by need
I feel unacceptable
incensed by dread
wounded empty
confused by delusion
a hideous reflection
obsessed by mind
draining self seeking
completion outside self
I abhor my afflictions
overcome by them

for others affection
standing at a crossroads
which way should I go
for such affliction of both
from burning experiences
feeling pain and grief
my truth is something
I’m not able to accept

4 thoughts on “delusion

    • Thanks for asking, You’re the only one I’ve heard from recently. I’m sort of ok but I have a lot things affecting my desire to write. My daughter was the drive behind my writing and I miss her wit and support. I’ve been trying to put a few things together but only time will tell.


  1. Hi Jerry
    This is Rusty from MSOP. How are you? I have looked for your blog several times and finally found it. I have been to Katerina‘s blog a few times. My wife and I passed through there on April 18 around midnight, when we were headed to Ft Jackson for my son’s Basic Training graduation. Thank you and your wife for your kindness and hospitality. Tell her I said hello. I really enjoyed getting to visit and talk with you. Take care.


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