horse talk

Below is a sonnet taken from Cervantes’
classic work “Don Quixote of the Mancha”
A dialogue between Babieca,
Horse to the Cid, a Famous Conquerer of Spain;
and Rozinante, Don Quixote’s Courser

Bab: How haps it, Rozinante, thou art so lean?
Roz: Because I travel still and never eat:
Bab: Thy want of barley and straw, what does it mean?
Roz: That of my lord, a bit I cannot get.
Bab: Away, sir jade! You are ill-mannered,
Whose ass’s tongue your lord does thus abase.
Roz: If you did see how he’s enamoured,
You would conclude that he’s the greater ass.
Bab: Is love a folly?—Roz: Sure it is no wit.
Bab: Thou art a metaphysician.—Roz: For want of meat
Bab: Complain upon the squire.—Roz: What profits it?
Or how shall I my woful plaints repeat?
Since, though the world imputes slowness to me,
Yet greater jades my lord and Sancho be.

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