I am not a Sojourner although I wish I could be. I guess I could be considered an Honorary member since I meet all the qualifications but one. I do not have an RV and even though I am retired and self-supporting, I am not able to afford to buy one. I do manage to do some work with a couple of the teams when they come to our area. And due to some of my efforts on their behalf they have offered to allow my wife and I to stay in one of the staff cabins at a couple of the children camps they maintain in different areas.

Their complete title is : National Evangelism With Sojourners (NEWS) but they are commonly referred to as Sojourners, a name that is very dear to us. They are made up of dedicated, mature Christians who have retired in the work place but still wish to have a fulfilling life in service to their Lord. Some may wish to sojourn part time and some full time.

They even have their own little song written by a couple of the more gifted ones. I’ll post the words to it soon. Just a simple little song that sounds much better when a group of us are singing it together than reading the words off the paper.

All work with the Sojourners is purely voluntary. It is necessary to have an RV and be self-supporting. For those who have the desire and need special training there are workshops held in various parts of the country where there is further training and a schedule of work is planned.

The Sojourners go only to congregations, camps, children’s homes or schools who have sent a written request. They work in teams with a team leader who has training for working in this capacity. The sojourn in one place may vary in length from one week to several weeks, depending on the need. Sojourners have the security of traveling together, as well as the pleasure of being with other Christians.

The talents of the Sojourners are varied. Some are retired farmers, business men or women, military, teachers, policemen, engineers, chemists, hairdressers, secretaries, homemakers, college professors and specialists in many other fields. Wherever they go there will always be someone there who has the ability to perform any task they find necessary.

They are willing and capable of doing any work that a congregation needs, both spiritual and physical; gospel meetings, VBS, door knocking, surveying, personal evangelism, personal Bible studies, contacting unfaithful members, encouraging and visitation.

They can also do almost any physical work that might be needed; remodeling, repairs, landscape work, plumbing, painting and office/library work. They travel with a purpose.

They travel within the U.S. and Canada and go only to churches where they have been invited. Their main goal is to strengthen the brotherhood by helping small churches in need. They also go to disaster areas to help repair damaged church property. They go to Christian colleges, children’s homes and youth camps to do volunteer work, but their primary goal is evangelism.

They are self-supporting in every sense. They do not solicit nor do they expect support from any church they visit. Upon leaving each church they will give to that church, funds to cover all utility expenses incurred during their stay, such as electricity and water usage. It is not our intent to be a financial burden to those we help.

There is so much more to be said about these wonderful people that a person runs out of words describing the blessing they carry with them every where they go. I am thankful to God for the opportunity to be associated with the Sojourners; albeit in such a minor way.


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