“A moment, young man,
would you be so kind as to tell me
just what an Adirondack Chair
might be?” he asked the author
who was packing away his things.

“Let me draw one for you, Sir.”
The author began to draw and explain
as the questioner extended his cane
while patiently waiting for the chair
to unfold upon the chalk board.

A few crossed lines and a curve
or two was all it took. A minute,
no more than that and it was done.
“That sir, is an Adirondack Chair,”
proclaimed the author smugly.

He failed to see the humor
in the blind man’s toothy smile
as he turned and slowly tapped
his way out of the classroom
saying, “I see what you mean.”


    • Actually the author was totally oblivious to the fact that Dr Dillard was blind. I was there to hear the reading and have been friends with Dr Dillard for many years. We still wonder if the author ever did realize he was trying to draw a picture for a blind man. The last time I saw Dr Dillard he still had the original of this poem on his office wall.

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  1. I love the irony! This post highlights very effectively our different perspectives whether imposed by our senses or by the way we think. And it was well written. Thank you for visiting my blog


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