I don’t like your religious outlook

you have no right to express yourself

in any matter or manner that goes against

anything that “we” nonbelievers believe

Take your moral standards, lock them up,

throw away the key and make room for us

We are taking total control of all things

that pertain to all facets of the societal spectrum

We own the politicians with our vulgar voices

no one can say anything against our views

without being labeled as “bigots or ‘phobics”

even the ACLU joins us alongside the SCOTUS

Winston Churchill said it best far back in WWII

never has so much been owed by so many to so few”

he was talking about the brave Allied Forces

but now things have changed to such a degree

that those immortal words have been brutalized

by a small segment of society that cares nothing

for decency and is willing to destroy everything

this wonderful country was founded to preserve

such words as those that today would read

never has so much been forced on so many by so few”

..Jerry Marks: Proud Veteran