fear, confusion, pain, being hurled
through this winter’s night sky
wings made useless by tormented winds
deafened, crushed by rolling thunder
lost, disoriented by this mad ride
through darkness far beyond thought
intensified by a lightning flash

not merely a frightened prisoner
but a possession of this storm
to be abused, ridiculed, a subject
to every whim of these elements
to be held in eternal bondage
or even worse, simply tossed aside

pushed down, down, farther down
by raging torrents to Stygian darkness
where pits of hell gape wide
in welcome to another lost soul

But these devils must again wait
for between torment soaring above
and despair waiting below
waters of a lake open wide
offering refuge to this fallen one

their tempest having lost it’s prey
demons flee in abject frustration
as behind them with wings unfurled
neck outstretched like its namesake
this Trumpeter gives a clarion call
to welcome another day’s sunrise

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