It would be too much to expect
that any of you even have a clue
as to what I am talking about
but that’s plain tough
I could really care less
you all there laughing at me
but I know what you’re doing
all of you stop talking when I pass
it doesn’t fool me even a little
I still care for most of you
in spite of how you act toward me
all I ask is to be left alone

I do not like to waste my time
by spending it with boring people
so if I am given a little more time
I will go on and get out of your way
at least then one if not all of us
will finally have what we truly want

—–Jerry Marks

2 thoughts on “SARCASM

    • I AM a grumpy old man! Not in the sense that I growl about everything, but there is so much obvious stupidity out there these days that I feel the need to rant about it from time to time. I, too, have the same issues with coffee and I often ask myself when it is best: going in or going out…I get much pleasure both ways!


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