You tell me you are facing difficult times
And often bring up thoughts that lead me
To wonder if you question this friendship
I have extended with hopes it might
Return unfettered by knotted strings

All too often I hear you mention things
I have been fronted with on my own trek
Through what to some might seem a life
Filled with nothing more than hardship
Yet was merely a result of lost innocence

‘Twas but yesterday a song of six-pence
Became pushed aside by tales of strife
Tears came and washed away traces of hope
Bringing unwanted bitterness to a life
That has had more than it’s share of pain

Yet when you cross on over your mountain
And wander the forests of that Western slope
Look for me beside an old abandoned mill
I’ll be sitting beside the millpond full of hope
Flipping pebbles one at a time into the water

…..     Jerry Marks