Ever Wondered?

Ever wondered why when someone
threatens to “beat you up” they start
by trying to knock you down???
Ever wondered why it is illegal
to text and drive while the officer
in the car next to you is doing just that???
Ever wondered what “don’t do that”
really means to a ten year old???
Ever wondered what happens when
the dog finally catches his tail???
Ever wondered if it is the same ants
that always come to your picnic???
Ever wondered what happens when you
drop a cat on a sleeping dog???
Ever wondered if Man in the Moon
really is laughing at you???
Ever wondered what that is
that follows you in the dark???
Ever wondered what is gazing through
your window late every night???
Ever wondered whose footsteps you
hear approaching in the darkness???
Ever wondered if it is just imagination
or is there something in that cave???
Ever wondered what those voices
in your head are talking about???
Ever wondered why there are times
when you can almost understand them???
Ever wondered how much longer you
can refrain from answering them???
Ever wondered how those voices
bring chills even on a hot night???
Ever wondered who that is looking
back at you from within the mirror???
Ever wondered just what is tied
to the other end of the rope???
Ever wondered how far you must travel
on the Road to Nowhere to get there???
Ever wondered who put that fork in the road???
Ever wondered would happen if you took it???
Ever wondered if the water is deep
enough after you begin your dive???
Ever wondered why the dirt never
seems to fit back into the hole???
Ever wondered…???

~~~~~Jerry Marks

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