Terror nips at my heels as I flee recklessly
across this trackless void of space
while stars themselves seem to distort
as I pass by speeding faster than thought
pursued brutally by a nameless horror
beyond my feeble limited understanding

My fear becomes a tangible thing
dripping like sweat from every pore
tasted in spite of a dryness in my mouth
my vile smell becomes thick enough to cut
I know it is this unbreakable thread
that holds my tormentor to my trail

What follows I do not know or care
I do know that I must forever flee
as I have done already for an eternity,
nay, a thousand eternities and even more
as I must continue to do as long
as there is a future to reach for

“Does it never sleep?” I ask myself
while I am carried on into uncertainty
on turbulent currents of galactic winds
I too am doomed to eternal awareness
sleep would only open another avenue
of approach for this unspeakable dread

Ahead a light gleams, inviting me closer
yet I can only slow and look with envy
at that world below pulsing with life,
life that I cannot share without a fear
that that which so doggedly holds my trail
would shorten our chase, so I hasten on

Never more for me are those civilized worlds
where nothing matters beyond an existence
hidden in empty minds behind vacant eyes
I have visited many in my search for sanctuary
but none ever offers any hope of refuge
so I rush onward with my fear trailing behind

As I hurtle madly across this empty vacuum
I pity those who inhabit those haggard worlds
I crave their strength and ability to live or die
with their dreams and fears intertwined
less strong am I not bound by civilized cords
doomed never to be able to turn and face my fear

I twist, turn, double back, foolishly seeking a ploy
to elude this thing that has forever harassed my life
I ride tails of many comets across a vast universe
weave through numerous mazes within asteroid belts
again and again my efforts continue to be wasted
my stalker follows no matter how tortuous our path

I would despair if it were permitted to bring an end
to this eternal flight that can never falter never succumb
in spite of that other which I have finally recognized
what has pushed me this far and given me reason to hope
that as long as I am willing to seek there will always
be a way to continue avoiding those claws of Ignorance

~~~~~~Jerry Marks